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Shipping Included

Coffee has a unique ability to inspire connections. Connections to the moment, each other, and even a world of sustainable practices. Ten years ago, our family set out on yet another local food sourcing road trip in Maine.  This time our destination was Bar Harbor and our goal was to interview one of Maine’s premier coffee roasters. While we were well aware of the taste quality of this coffee, we spent the day learning of their commitment to responsible production.  

Ron shared stories of his annual trip to their partnering farms in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Cameroon. He felt that visiting these farms would provide a direct outlet for farmers, assure a higher premium set in advance, and provide resources for crop quality controls, increased worker wages and living conditions and help in maintaining a viable community.

Setting his standards on the old world coffee he experienced in his travels, he set out to develop roasting practices of the highest quality. Bringing new technique to an old world approach, their Eco-Roaster, the first worldwide to be commissioned, reduces gas consumption by 80% and the emissions, rather than being thrown into the atmosphere, are burned and sent back as the source of heat for roasting. Reductions in emissions have been monitored at 80% reduction compared with conventional roasters.

Great coffee that you can feel good about. Enjoy!