About Us



Jon is a potter and wellness professional from New England. He has been cultivating vegetables since he was nine and began throwing on the wheel in 1997 and took to a consistent practice in 2012 after finding local sources of clay in Wayne.


Gina is a local foodie, founding and coordinating two local foods buying clubs, and works as a director for Sustain Wayne. She enjoys cooking, especially with foods from their family garden. Despite the oxymoron, she would best describe herself as a gourmet homesteader. 


Calle works with clay, helps in the garden (especially at harvest time!), and is a budding artist. She celebrates each day and finds joy in most everything, especially creating new ideas and a good cup of tea and a good tea cup!


Kye, the family explorer, works on the potter’s wheel, and enjoys harvesting vegetables more than eating them. Luckily, he loves edamame and broccoli! In addition to helping on the farm, Kye enjoys making tools, especially bows and arrows.